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Organic whole grains from Canadian farms to your table. Discover nature's healthful magic in each kernel.

heat kernels to mill into flour.

Organic Grains, Canadian Farms

Grain in cheesecake? Or as a protein boost on salad? Or as the freshest nutrient-packed flour ever that's free of chemical enhancers, bleach, bone meal, and other nonsense? Yes!! Discover the amazing flavours and healthfulness of Canadian grown organic wheat.

Ban Bland - Use Real Flour

Each wheat reflects the richness of its organic soils and the expert care it received, just as do wine grapes. When milled, distinct flavours and baking qualities emerge from each wheat variety for flours that add new depth and nuance to all your baking. Real flour is your new secret ingredient.

whole grain flour

Michael Pollan, best selling author,

talks about whole grains and how industrial mills make flour.

(4 minutes, 35 seconds)

How Wheat is Broken, Blended, Treated, Separated, and Enriched* in Commercial Flour Production

how flour is milled today

*Enrichment is required by law to partially compensate for loss of vitamins removed with the bran and germ. The high heat of industrial mills also destroys some nutrients.

But vitamins not mandated, minerals, oils, trace elements, etc, are not replaced. Any beneficial interaction among nutrients in their original proportions is forever lost.

Mockmill Professional 200 Stone Grain Mill




Can a grain mill be a thing of beauty? We think this one can. Clean lines, warm pallet, and gentle curves enhance any decor.

Is the Pro for you?

You don't need to be a pro to own one. This mill is in homes across Canada where healthful, modern baking is a passion.


The most robust 600 watt motor Mockmill offers can run almost continuously. With 1300 gram hopper and 12 year home use warranty, this mill is tough to beat.


Its modest footprint is ideal for a kitchen, artisan bakeshop, or health food store.

Great Additional Products

Mockmill Lino 100

Easy to operate and simple to clean, the Lino 100 has a sturdy industrial motor and comes with a remarkable 12 year home warranty. Mill wheat, rice, oats, legumes, spices, and more.

Mockmill Stone Mixer Attachment

Using the same type of corundum-ceramic milling stones as in the countertop models, the mixer attachment works with your KitchenAid mixer. And flour deposits right in your bowl!

Mockmill 200

With a 600 Watt motor, the Mockmill 200 can produce 200 grams of finely ground flour in just one minute. A quick flick and go from very fine to coarse texture.

Nova Scotia Cutting Boards

End cut for exceptional strength, and to highlight the stunning natural patterns, each is a unique artisan piece made from the same water repellant, bacteria resistant wood used in hard working lobster pots. Made to last for generations.

Choose round or rectangular styles.

Wheats Are On Sale!

And they're not just for flour. Our organic Canadian wheats are ideal for all kinds of cooking and baking. Discover whole grains as entrees, sides, in salads and in soups. Enjoy whole grains the whole day.

Meet Our Wheats.

Compare our wheats to find your ideal varieties.

Mockmill FlakeLovers Flaker

Flaking oats or grains produces the freshest, most nutrient dense breakfast or snack you could want. Or add flakes to your hearty breads. Made in Germany with the same stylish, biodegradable Arboblend® housing as in Mockmill mills.

Shop for your FlakeLovers.

Your favourite recipes just got better.


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