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Rouge de Bordeaux, Hard Red Spring Wheat Sale!

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Our organic Rouge de Bordeaux is a strong bread wheat with a protein level of about 15%. This heritage hard red spring wheat, grown in France since the 1800’s, was the favourite of the French boulangerie for decades.

As your bread bakes, the natural sugars in this freshly milled flour create a spicy aroma with hints of cinnamon and an exceptional caramelization of the crust. The crumb is a dark taupe in colour with mildly nutty flavour. No wonder it was so loved in France.

Rouge de Bordeaux is exceptional for crusty French or Italian style yeast breads. But it can be equally marvellous in cookies, pizza crust, sourdough breads, pretzels, or bagels.

Wheat berries can stay fresh for up to 4 years when stored in a cool, dry location. For even longer shelf life, freeze right in our tough, moisture resistant bags. Whenever you are ready to mill, you will produce fully fresh, nutrient-rich flour. And as a bonus, 1 cup of wheat berries becomes about 2 cups of flour, thus saving valuable space.

Our Organic Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat Berries come in individual 2.5 Kg (5.5 lb.) resealable bags. The 6-Pack has a total weight 15 Kg (or 33 pounds) and the 4-Pack  has a total weight 10 Kg (or 22 pounds). Both come with free shipping (except for Newfoundland where a flat $25 shipping fee applies).

For more information on all our wheats, check out our Wheat Information Sheet.

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