Whole Grains - Mockmill Stone Grain Mills

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Mockmill Stone Grain Mills are now in Canada.

No import fees!

Streamlined Modern Design

Every Mockmill countertop model has beautiful styling and finish. Make it a new feature in your kitchen.

Generous Product Warranty

With warranties of up to 12 years for non-commercial use, Mockmills are quality built.

Mockmill Pro 200 Stone Grain Mill
Mockmill 200 ArboblendĀ® Stone Grain Mill from goodgranary.ca
Mockmill Lino 100 Stone Grain Mill Lino 100 from good granary.ca
Mockmill Lino 200 Stone Grain Mill
Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill from goodgranary.ca
Mill Model


Mockmill 100

360 Watts


Mockmill 200

600 Watts


Mockmill Lino 100

360 Watts

Wood and



Mockmill Lino 200

600 Watts

(rest after milling

4-5 kg)

Wood and



Mockmill Pro 200

600 Watts

(can mill continuously)

Wood and



Milling Rate

Mockmill 100 models mill 100 grams of wheat/minute.

Mockmill 200 models mill 200 grams of wheat/minute.

Warranty and Hopper Capacity

Mockmill 100, Mockmill 200: 6 year home use warranty;

1100 gram hopper.

Mockmill Lino 100, Mockmill Lino 200, Mockmill Pro 200:

12 year home use warranty, 2 year commercial use warranty;

1300 gram hopper.

Mockmill Mixer Attachment: 2 year home use warranty;

284 gram hopper.

"Without question, we should all be eating more

whole grains."

Micheal Pollan,


Did you know...

that Good Granary offers only organic Canadian-grown ancient, heritage, and modern wheat?

Did you know...

that you can bake delectable, light cakes and scrumptious cookies, with less sugar, thanks to the natural sweetness of some whole wheat berries?

Did you know...

that any bread you bake at home using freshly milled whole grain flour is nutritionally superior to any you're likely to find in any store anywhere?