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Organic All Wheats Variety (6-Pack) with FREE SHIPPING

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Like wine grapes, each wheat has its own flavour profile, character, and best uses. Our "All Wheats Variety Pack" introduces you to ancient, heritage, and modern wheats. Use them individually or in combination to create your own secret flour blends that suit your baking objectives. Experiment. Learn. Savour. You'll have fun and eat well!

All our wheats are certified organic and Kosher, and like all wheat on the market, are non-GMO. Our wheat varieties are grown exclusively in Canada by really nice farmers.

Our sturdy, moisture resistant, resealable packaging will help keep your wheat fresh for 2- 4 years when stored in a cool, dry place and far longer if stored in the freezer. And wheat berries save you storage space. One cup of wheat berries becomes about 2 cups of beautiful, fresh flour.

Whenever you mill, your flour will abound with freshly released nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, valuable oils, antioxidants, bran, and good fats. Since it contains the whole wheat with all its sugars intact,Ā  your crusty artisans breads, made with Red Fife, Rouge de Bordeaux, or Good Spirit can caramelize to a rich mahogany as the house fills with exceptional toasty fragrance. For tender cake, our soft white winter wheat, Snowbird, which is lower in protein with mild flavour is just what you need. For home made pasta, Spelt! You'll get to know them all. For more details, check out our Wheat Information Sheet.

The "All Wheats Variety Pack" includes one each of: KamutĀ® Khorasan, Spelt, Red Fife, Rouge de Bordeaux, Good Spirit, and Snowbird. Each bag is 2.5 Kg. (total weight of 15 kg or 33 pounds). And did we mention the free shipping? Order now during our introductory sale.


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