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The Bread Baker’s Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Trio (6-Pack)

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This trio may not create beautiful music, but it can surely create beautiful bread. Each of these Hard Red Spring Wheats brings its own special talent for unique flavour, texture, colour, and rise. If you haven't baked bread with freshly milled flour, you will be delighted by the beautiful caramel crust and robust flavours these wheats can achieve.

Even more importantly, these wheats produce bread that is truly "the staff of life". High in protein, packed with all the vitamins, mineral, oils, phytochemicals, and trace elements nature intended, each slice will get rave reviews from your cardiovascular system, gut flora, bowel, and brain.

All are certified organic, Kosher, non-GMO, and are exclusively grown in Canada by really nice farmers. For more, see our Wheat Information Sheet.

Our sturdy, moisture resistant, resealable packaging will help keep your wheat fresh for 2- 4 years when stored in a cool, dry place and far longer if stored in the freezer. Whenever you mill, your flour will be loaded with freshly released nutrients. And wheat berries save you storage space. One cup of wheat berries becomes about 2 cups of beautiful, fresh flour.

The “Hard Red Spring Wheat Trio” features three wheat varieties: Red Fife, Rouge de Bordeaux, and Good Spirit. You get two bags of each for a total of six 2.5 Kg bags (15 kg or 33 pounds total weight). And did we mention the free shipping? Order now during our introductory sale.