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Organic Snowbird Pastry Wheat – Great for Cakes

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At last! A modern soft white winter wheat berry ideal for pastry and all-purpose flour, which produces a crumb tender enough for cakes, fluffy biscuits, coffee cakes, and delicate cookies. Our Organic Snowbird Pastry Wheat Berries also have a light colour which results in a prettier presentation of that luscious slice of birthday cake or, yes, wedding cake.

For heartier baked goods, such as quick breads, crisp cookies, bars, or pie crusts, use as-is or add some mildly flavoured higher protein flour, such as Spelt, for your own All-Purpose-Flour blend.

Wheat berries can stay fresh for about 2-4 years when stored in a cool, dry location. For even longer shelf life, store in the freezer. Whenever you mill, you will produce fully fresh, nutrient rich flour. And as a bonus, 1 cup of wheat berries becomes about 2 cups of flour, thus saving on valuable storage space.

Of course, whole grain flour contains all the bran and germ in the wheat berry. The flour texture isn't quite that of highly processed commercial pastry flour which is mainly wheat starch with chemical additives. The pastry flour product on store shelves is very different from the nutritionally dense, 100% natural pastry flour possible with Organic Snowbird Pastry Wheat. You'll likely need to tweak your recipes, but don't be surprised if you not only like the results, but love them!

For more information on all our wheats, check out our Wheat Information Sheet.

Our Organic Snowbird Pastry Wheat Berries come in 2.5 Kg (5.5 lb.) resealable bags. Choose a 4-Pack (total weight 10 Kg or 22 pounds) or a 6-Pack (total weight 15 Kg or 33 pounds). Both come with free shipping.