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Organic Ancient Wheats, 4-Pack or 6-Pack

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Our Organic Ancient Wheat Combo Packs feature both Spelt and KamutĀ® Khorasan wheats.

SPELT dates back about 7000 years. In fact, spelt flour was the likely favourite for Roman wedding cakes!Ā  It is finally getting its due in North America thanks to numerous medical studies that encourage eating whole grains for better overall health, brain health, and longevity. See the array of nutrients in just 100 grams of whole grain Spelt flour.

Spelt is a natural hybrid of a wild grass and emmer wheat that produced a wheat rich in nutrients, lower in gluten, and high in protein centuries ago. The lower level of Spelt's particular gluten may make it a fine choice for those with mild wheat sensitivity.

Spelt's mild, nutty flavour is great for muffins, quick breads, brownies, and scones. Combine it with a lower protein white whole grain, such as our modern Snowbird wheat, to create your own all-purpose flour. Cook the berries like rice and use in side dishes, in Buddha bowls, in soups or salads, or enjoy as breakfast cereal.Ā 

Ā KamutĀ® Khorasan dates back to ancient Egypt, . The US Food and Drug Administration analysis of Kamut wheat shows that it has about 14% protein per 100 grams, numerous vitamins, and an important array of minerals, including iron, magnesium, potassium, and selenium.

KamutĀ® Khorasan is a relative of ancient durum wheat and has a large berry with a mild flavour that makes it exceptional for fresh pasta, pie and tart crusts, quick breads, and cookies. And thanks to its natural sweetness, the amount of processed sugar needed can often be reduced or even eliminated, as in our "Ultimate Whole Grain Banana Bread".

All wheat berries can stay fresh for about 2-4 years when stored in a cool, dry location. For even longer shelf life, store in the freezer. Whenever you mill, you will produce fully fresh, nutrient rich flour. And as a bonus, 1 cup of wheat berries becomes about 2 cups of flour, thus saving on valuable storage space. For more information on all our wheats, check out our Wheat Information Sheet.

Our Organic Ancient Wheats come in 2.5 Kg (5.5 lb.) resealable bags. Choose a 4-Pack (total weight 10 Kg or 22 lbs) or a 6-Pack (total weight 15 Kg or 33 lbs). Both come with free shipping.