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Mockmill FlakeLovers Flaker

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Flaking oats and grains is a great way to get the freshest, nutrient rich breakfast or snack. Because oat groats are naturally soft, simply run them through the FlakeLovers and enjoy a best oatmeal breakfast ever. For hard grains, such as wheat, place 1 teaspoon of water in a sealed plastic bag with 1 cup of grain and shake. Let sit for several hours or overnight before running the softened grain through your flaker. The tiny amount of water is all you need to slightly soften the grain without making it so soft that the flaker could clog.

Use freshly flaked oats or grains in porridges, granola, cookies, as topping for yeast breads and quick breads, or as an ingredient in bread dough.

The Mockmill FlakeLovers Flaker is made in Germany and uses the same stylish ArboblendĀ® housing material found on the Mockmill 100 and Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mills. ArboblendĀ® is a bio-degradable, wood-based material made from wood waste, so sustainable as well as modern and attractive.


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